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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To my beloved Big Grade 2's

Some of you may tell that I like cards with huge ass power. Simply put, they're like a wall and a tank. Your opponent needs to plan before ramming into them, but you can ram into anyone you want anytime anywhere.

Aside from the oversize Genocide Jack, my next favorite unit has to be King of Swords.

While being another 10000 grade 2 like Gallatin and Nehalem, I like this card for its art. It screams "Tatsumaki ZANKANTOU!!!"

I know I have a weird love for mecha units, maybe thats cause I'm taking an Engineering degree ... hmmm, enough of the bullshits.

You guys might or might not know, that most if not ALL of this mecha-looking units belong to not only the Nova Grappler clan, but more specifically, Star Gate nation. I'm assuming its that underground hi-tech city look-a-like place from the anime.

From my experience of card games (4 other card games actually), one day, the nations is gonna be important, I mean, game changing. They may be only trivial to the game only by the moment, but lets treat if they meant something.

Let me make a Star Gate deck for fun shall we, since I can't afford Asura Kaizer until they release TD Kamui ~ What ever ever bla bla.

Grade 3's (8):

4 Asura Kaizer
4 Mr Invincible

Grade 2's (12):

4 Genocide Jack
4 King of Swords
4 Hungry Dumpty

Grade 1's (14):

2 Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer Shout
4 Claydoll Mechanic
4 Tough Boy
4 Queen of Heart

Grade 0's (16):

4 Battleraizer (stand)
4 Lucky Girl (stand)
4 Shining Lady (critical!)
4 Round Girl Clara (heal)

So, after putting the cards together, you get what is know to be Kamui's deck. And seems like most if not all Nova Grappler out now belong to Star Gate nation. And that was the trivial for the day.

Personally, I would rather take out Heal and Critical for 8 more stand triggers from other clans, but that will be untrue to my theme.

Thus, I guess I'll wait for the release for more Star Gate Nova Grappler Stand units.

For how to play this deck, I have a simple 5 word answer : Go-Watch-the-Anime-Please.

Have a nice day (or whats left of it depending on where you are), and signing out!

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