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Monday, April 11, 2011

Stand and Draw!

If you guys are confuse with the title, which you should, I'm not reviewing the game rules in case some of you have false hope.

Instead, thats actually the name of a deck, more specifically, the deck I'm playing as we speak.

Why the name?

1. Cause its iconic and easy to remember.
2. Thats what my deck is built around, Stand and Draw.

Before I start, I must explain, I have an unusual amount of liking on the card Genocide Jack.

While new players normally enter a game and like main character cards like Blaster Blade and Dragonic Overlord. This dude here is my favorite. Why? He is like the freaking T-Rex, trading off convenience for sheer power.

When you want power, this unit here HAS power. While being a Grade 2 unit, he stands above most of the other grade 2s (if not all), but thats not all, his 11000 power is something even Grade 3s don't necessary has. You can treat him as a tank, stomping into the battle field and taking what ever he wants down.

Another thing about this unit is that it only gets bigger. You see, when ever Jack is boosted by a fellow Nova Grappler while he is the Vanguard, you gain an extra 5000 points of attack, totaling up to 16000 even before adding the rear guards attack, which is easily over 5000. Riding into something that can deal over 20000 damage on turn 2 is HUGE, it can basically run down any wall your opponent tries to throw at you (unless he is willing to ditch 2 10000 shields at you).

The down side is that Jack isn't what you call easy to play. For him to even attack, you need to counter blast a card. So, playing him, you need to make your opponent deal some early damage to you, and playing more than 1 copy at once is almost foolish. All and all, his power doesn't come free ... which to me, actually adds to his appeal!

Like Kamui quote in the anime "Release into High Rev!", the perfect quote for this mechanized Behemoth.

Whoa, look at me side tracking. Back to the deck list.

Despite the name, this deck runs NO draw triggers, instead uses units that have draw or at least hand trading abilities to draw out key pieces. While being a strategy I personally like very much, this has its drawbacks as you might draw into your triggers instead of letting your Vanguard drive check into them. Hence, not really a good strategy to use if you wanna minimize luck, but I personally like to play against the odds.

Another thing about this deck is that its a Dual Clan, namely Nova Grappler and Kagerou. As both these clans have a very very big amount of brute strength.

Grade 3s (7):

4 Mr Invincible
3 Dragonic Overlord

Grade 2s (13):

4 Genocide Jack
3 King of Swords
1 Hungry Dumpty
3 Dragon Knight Nehalem
2 Berserk Dragon

Grade 1s (14):

4 Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer Shout
2 Tough Boy
3 Flame of Hope Aermo
3 Dragon Monk Gojo
2 Embodiment of Armor Bahr

Grade 0s (16):

1 Battleraizer (Stand)
3 Lucky Girl (Stand)
1 Shining Lady (Critical)
3 Lizard Soilder Ganlu (Stand)
4 Embodiment of Spear Tahr (Critical)
4 Dragon Monk Genjo (Heal)

As I previously stated, the deck is sorta of a masochist. In order to really play it, you need to have your opponent attack you first. I normally won't guard for the 1st 4 damages. As my Jacks and Berserk Dragons need those counter blast. Not to mention Dragonic Overlord's Counter Blast is a big push for game.

The real Ace of this deck thou, is Mr Invincible. His Soul Charge lets you infinitely play Jack (as long as your opponent doesn't take him out), and his Soul Blast is the real winner here. When his attack hits, you can pay the MASSIVE cost of 5 counter blast + 8 soul blast and stand all your units. So, you might wanna throw Jack or Overlord at your opponent, waste his guardians before going for the kill with Invincible's invincible skill. Playing it, is almost a certain kill.

Why is Genocide Jack so important in here now? Cause it can walk pass ANY unit, so your opponent will have to waste a few guardian just to block him, an intercept will normally be far from enough. So, his not just the TANK, but also the freaking NUKE, where to control him from doing too much damage, both parties would have to be cautions (whether to waste too much hand on your opponent side, or counter blast on yours).

~ Signing out!

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