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Monday, April 11, 2011

Critical Trigger Get!!

Getting Criticals out of the drive checks lets you gain a massive advantage, namely getting over those pesky guardians and ending the game twice as fast.

When you get a TD or Trial Deck, it comes with 16 Triggers but only 4 Criticals. This is to help beginners have a more balance deck, which is understandable, but this also makes getting criticals harder.

A few days ago, I saw this dude playing Royal Paladin with a mix of Kagerou. In my books, the Paladin are more about swarming the field while Kagerou are based on big units and getting there fast.

I'm trying to mimic what the guy had done there you see, but I'm doing it MY way, throwing out the law of balance, and focuses on taking the game as soon as I can.

Today, this will be the main card we are talking about.

Solitary Knight Gancelot is pretty cool unit if you ask me. While his 9000 based attack makes him a little small compare to the bigger Grade 3s, he makes up with his skill. You see, he is a searcher, you can send this guy back to your deck and add a Blaster Blade into your hand. This is good as Blaster Blade is the key to unlocking this guys primary skill.

When you have Blaster Blade in your soul, you can counter blast 2 cards in your damage zone and have this unit increase his attack by 5000 and gaining a Critical (which is important). More interestingly, this skill is stackable, you can use this twice in a role, but doing that means that you want to take out your opponent there and then.

Dealing more criticals is the point of this deck I'm designing. Thats why, aside from Gancelot, I'll be having a few ways to deal more critical to my opponent.

Grade 3s (8):

4 Solitary Knight Gancelot
2 Demon Killer Knight Lohengrin
2 Dragonic Overlord

Grade 2s (12):

4 Blaster Blade
4 Knight of Silance Gallatin
4 Dragon Knight Nehalem

Grade 1s (13):

4 Little Sage Marron
3 Wingal
3 Embodiment of Armor Bahr
3 Flame of Hope Aermo

Grade 0s (17):

1 Barkgal
4 Knight of the Future Liew (critical)
4 Bringer of Good Luck Epona (critical)
4 Embodiment of Spear Tahr (critical)
4 Yggdrasil Maiden Elaine (heal)

The deck basically aims on getting those critical triggers out.

Dealing more damage is crucial on how the deck wins. So I chose units with big attacks to get waste their guardians before Gancelot enter the fray and grabs the decisive strike.

Not having Flogal in the deck meant that Liew is nothing more than a Trigger, but to me, thats what he is worth.

I was thinking of getting rid of Heal Triggers in general but felt that I need them in case I over counter blast too early in the game.

Something I like about Dual Clan deck is that it has the element of surprise. And you can have as much triggers (aside from heal) you like in here, as in my previous deck review, it was Stand.

Dragonic Overlord is in here because it, like Gancelot can become VERY big. With a base of 11000, most unit can't touch it without support. And Having a chance to drive check 3 times adds to his appeal. When ever a boosted Overlord attacks, my opponent usually will throw a 20000 guard at him, adding to the rear guard attack, it is almost always around 28000. But, a boosted Overlord is easily over 24000, and a trigger might get him to the 29000, so unless your attacking a fellow Grade 3, he can trample over the units quite easily.

Another usage for this beast, is that he can really waste your opponent's guardians. Imagine if you have 5 damage and he is attacking you, without the counter blast, supported by Maron or Bahr, he is at 19000, but his twin drive WILL almost certain hit a critical now. You would waste 2 10000 guardian just to make sure he doesn't hit.

Well, I couldn't really promise you much on this deck, as I don't have it with me physically. I just thought about the cards and strategies and throw this together over a course of 15 minutes. Test play it if you like and tell me what it feels like.

~ Signing Out!

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  1. So I have a question:

    How do you make a Oracle Think Tank-Royal Paladin deck focusing on superior rides, card draws, an equal amount of triggers [or pick which one you can use] (Barcagal is banned so don't add it).