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Friday, April 22, 2011

King of Knights Alfred

*Enter the Fray! The Ruler of the Knights!*

Ability :

This dude can't be boost but he gets a 2000 plus in attack for each other Royal Paladin if he is your Vanguard. An auto +10000 brings him into a 20000 Behemoths that would take down any pray item foolish enough to stand in front of you.

His attack boosting effect is simple and sweet, but best of all, it is a signature of what Royal Paladin does, they searches for each other and swarm the field. Think about it, Barcal, Liew, Gancelot to name a few all have seaching abilities.

To top things off, Alfred himself has a searching ability too. You can counter blast 3 to seach your deck for a grade 2 or lower Royal Paladin and call it to your Rear Guard, if that unit being Blaster Blade, and you have 2 more damage to spare, take out another unit please.

The effect on this unit is really really simple, Boost and Swarm. The basic foundation of the deck he is built around. At of this point, the only down side of playing him would be not drawing into him early.


Combo :

What can I say, its a Royal Paladin, they have the stupidest searches of all in the game(at the moment). His Twin Drive! helps you gain more hand so that your +10k doesn't stop after that turn. But that being said, he is one of those cards that you can't play it in a non-pure Royal Paladin deck or better known as Mix Clan.

As mentioned, he can combo with Blaster Blade, but only when you have 5 damage already. His main purpose is just get all your bigger paladins out (Galatin, Blaster Blade ) and win the game there and then.

Also, his 10000 bench mark makes grade 2 or lower units (Aside a few) not being able to attack him without a boost. But that is easily overcomed.


Art :

He looks stupid. His armor is oversized and look at that poor horse. I have nothing more to say but he looks like a Subaru Impreza. You know its excellent in it's terrain and you know its good anywhere else, but you just hate its looks. And that look is a look that you can't get chicks for.


Market :

Being the cover card and a RRR makes this card around the 40s range, which is good considering the market of this card games players tend to look at cute girls more than actually playability. Being a center piece of the current Riyal Paladin deck, or at least it will be in MY Royal Paladin deck because I like the simple effect, makes him a hot trade item and such. Considering those issue, I figure his market value should be at least above the average RRRs.


Overall : 6.125/10 - Being above average, you might wanna have a copy or 2 in case of emergency trade fodders or just for fun. Not a bad card to invest on, but not the best idea as well. It all comes down to your META game, if there are a lot of beginners (apply after the game gets more mature only) and they wanna play RP, this is a card you wanna get.

~ P.S, being a card game player that has played more than 7 card games, I tend to look at the card's value in the market first to other issues. If a card is good but everyone don't want it, its not worth the time getting it.

Signing out!


  1. Hello!

    I like this Unit, I believe its pretty easy to swarm the field and the boosts keep coming when playing with a full Paladin... And i hardly would make a mix deck of two of the major clans.

    About the art, I don't like his sword, but the armor isn't half bad :D

    Your opinions about the Market value of the cards are interesting, in my opinion. As I said, I don't actually play the game, so those details never had concerned myself.