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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dragonic Overlord

*Burn them to ashes! The embodiment of Rage and Terror!*

Ability :

A 11000 Grade 3 is always good, makes sure your opponent can't attack you without rear guards. Its skill is not all that powerful, but a good one to have.

Counter Blast 3 and get a + 5000 for the remainder of the turn, but losing Twin Drive! sucks. Standing after hitting a rear guard is good. But people will just throw a 20000 guard at your face, effectively wasting your counter blast. Unless you use this ability as a rear guard, where you could hope for a Stand Trigger to wake him up again.

Its passive effect, losing 2000 if you don't have other Kagerou is almost irrelevant.


Combo :

It has a combo? Aside from being big, and gets bigger, I see no uses for it. True, it may be good just for its size, but its ability is a chore to play, and playing cards like Berserk Dragon or Exile Dragon along with it just wastes your resources.

Its only good point? Getting rid of enemy guardians. Playing his counter blast basically equals to burning your opponent's hand, unless they are willing to let you pull 3 cards instead.


Art :

Its like a Lamborghini Murcielago, not elegant, not graceful, but a look at it tells you 1 thing : I have nothing but RAW power.

A dragon holding an over sized sword, which looks good on the TD version of the card, not the booster one.


Market :

As a card that is readily available in a TD, which you get 2 copies for a single RM45 TD, you can't expect to make a fortune out of it.

On the other hand, its cheap to make a deck around it thou. But thats about it. Like a Nissan or a Mitsubishi, you get performance, but you don't get class nor supremacy.


Overall : 5.25/10 - slightly above average. You don't wanna have this card unless you really like it.


  1. Hello, nice to meet someone who dislikes Overlord ^^

    I personally never played Vanguard, so I can't say anything based on personal experience, but I disagree with some points of this.

    For example, with it's effect activated, as yourself has said, it's hard do Guard the attack without two Guardians of 15k or 20k of Shield... When playing with Overlord, I would decrease the opponent hand with other Units attacks, and use the Overlord and it's effect only when the opponent couldn't guard.

    I don't think use it on Rearguard, while waiting for a Stand Trigger, it's a good idea, since the main power of it's power is the "triple" check, which only happen on Vanguard...

    You got a great blog here, congrats from a Genocide Jack lover here in Brazil ^^

  2. I like Overlord actaually, I like it a lot, but standing from a fair point of view, I have to say whats fair.

    If you counter blast overlord, and your opponent can still take a few hits, they're gonna save those Guardians for Overlord. It happens almost always.

    His skill is almost irrelevant unless your opponent has 5 damage and you wanna go for game, but Twin Drive! helps you almost the same way.

    It can't stand again unless it hits, thats why people are gonna wait for it to attack, BUT if you play it as a rear, you WILL bait out guardians, while still having your Twin Drive on your vanguard, a Stand Trigger is a bonus.

  3. I believe that wait the best moment for Counter Blast is the key for a good use of Overlord... Even if your opponent use all it has to defend, is a good thing if you got Rearguards ready for another hits.

    Oh, I understand why put it on Rearguard, you guarantee your Twin Check, instead of the Drive Check it would make if the hit was blocked =) nic

    Oh well, just my opinion ^^ I really prefer the Kagerous of BT02 instead of the ones in BT01.