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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get! Heal Trigger!

So, I finally decided that this blog comes back alive, starting today. Although I don't think I post more than 2 post per week from now. Mainly cause Vanguard is just my secondary card game.

With that aside, lets all welcome Rauzes to the world of Vanguard Blogging.

Notes bout him :

-He basically single handedly started the Yugioh blog bloom 2009.
-His capable of typing out a mountain load of text

And thats all thats important, and all others aren't important.

For these 4 months of not posting, I've never build new deck, I tested them out with friends, but never build any myself.

I only concentrate on Kagerou, because it has enough power to take on most of everything.

And cause I have slight Dragon Fetish.

I currently have a Kagerou deck concept I wanna try, but lack the time to.

It mainly focuses on Soul Charging and Blazing Flare.

Grade 3 (8):

3 Blazing Flare Dragon
3 Voltex Dragon
2 Dual-Axe ArchDragon

Grade 2 (12):

4 Flame Edge Dragon
4 Blazing Core Dragon
2 Dragon Knight Nehalem
2 Berserk Dragon

Grade 1 (13):

4 Demonic Dragon Guru Kinnara
4 Iron Tail Dragon
3 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
2 Wyvern Guard, Barri

Grade 0 (17):

1 Lizard Soldier Conroe
4 Dragon Monk Genjo
4 Gattling Claw Dragon
3 Demonic Dragon Mage, Raksha
3 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr
2 Lizard Soldier, Ganlu

Of cause, I don't plan to ever using Vortex Dragon's Soul Blast, as its practically impossible to do in my build.

But a constant 12000 beater isn't bad, especially when you can Soul Charge for free each turn.

The point of the deck is to stall as long as you can with Vortes out, piling your Soul for Soul Blasts from Blazing Flare Dragon, and declare FINAL TURN.

Flame Edge Dragon is your primary Grade 2. Hence I only play 2 Nehalems. This is cause the Soul Charging ability is so important in this deck. Brute power comes second.

I would have more Berserk Dragons, but I need my Kinnara to Soul Charge themselves more often than not. Berserks are just there just in case.

I oppose Wyvern Guard, Barri in Kagerou as it opposes my theory of Dragons Don't Guard. But its important in here cause you wanna get as much unflip damages as possible before you wanna end game, Barri is here to make that game safe.

ArchDragon is very much alive in here late game. If I could get out a Blazing Flare on Vortex. With Kinnara, I could easily take out at least 3 of my opponents guard. You are looking down at 13000s, not to mention a 19000 Vanguard.

Why not go with 8 Critical 0 Stand, but 6 and 2 instead? To catch my opponent off guard. And my beaters are big to begin with. I don't need the 5000 boost or a rear guard to do damage.


  1. Interesting build, I'll try it later :D

    Be welcome back ^^ I'm looking forward your posts.

  2. alrite, thanks for the support

  3. Congrats on the comeback. Do add us on the blog listing.